Our Vision

Our vision for the Sequential Automated Turning System began several years ago at the bedside. Our founder and CEO Ryan Speidel has been an RN since 2004 in a variety of clinical settings including various medical/surgical units and the intensive care unit. The idea for this product originated back in 2017, when Ryan had an “aha” moment while assisting with turning and repositioning patients. That idea slowly transformed into the product that we are actively developing now.

Patient and staff safety are of paramount importance, representing the most basic pillars of healthcare. Unfortunately, patient and staff safety are frequently threatened by factors associated with staffing difficulties, overwhelming nursing staff workloads, and competing care priorities with increasingly higher acuity patients. We are committed to developing products that optimize patient and staff safety and well-being by bringing innovative products to market that are designed to improve nursing workflow, decrease nursing workload, and address issues that contribute to decreased patient care quality.

Our vision for the Sequential Automated Turning System is that this innovative new medical product will become the standard of care for automated patient turning and repositioning, essentially revolutionizing healthcare delivery in a variety of clinical settings. We will achieve this goal by developing and offering an extremely cost-effective product that addresses multiple clinical issues and can used in care settings across the continuum, from the ICU all the way to patients’ homes. We envision our product becoming the most reliable and widely utilized automated turning and repositioning system available on the market. We will become the leader in helping nurses work smarter, not harder and ultimately improving overall patient and staff safety at every organization that we partner with!